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  • Vishen Garikedu

    Pension advice

    Vishen grew up in Ewell, Surrey and has remained in the area all of his life. With a keen interest in neuropsychology, he studied Psychology at University, qualifying with a BSc in this field. This background enabled Vishen to have a more analytical approach to his day to day life and whenever faced with challenges, Vishen feels he is a better person for persevering and not giving up.

    Vishen’s Specialties:
    Vishen is our Front of House manager at Keystone Group. In his own words: “I had little experience in the financial industry when I joined Keystone, but after 4 years of working with this very dynamic team, I have amassed heaps of knowledge and experience. Now I know how things work and consider myself my own person within the company.”

    At Keystone, Vishen provides support wherever it is needed at Keystone and provides business support to the team of advisers, ensuring all business is processed smoothly and efficiently. Vishen is extremely caring and courteous, answering any questions clients may have and ensure their case goes through smoothly.

    Vishen’s Interests:
    Music is a passion for Vishen, both creating it and listening to it. Vishen believes there is something special about the way music can make people feel, whether listening to the euphoric sounds of classical music or head banging to heaviness of metal, there is something to be enjoyed by everyone. Vishen says “There is nothing better going to a gig with people who share the same musical passion and listening to music loud as it was intended”.

    • Best Holiday ever : The Greek Isles
    • Activities : Music Production, Playing Guitar, Table Tennis
    • Favourite Pub : The Ram in Kingston!
    • Best Restaurant : Bellevue-Alm in Bad Gastein (best ribs I’ve ever had!)

    Vishen’s Pet Hates:

    • People who make no attempt to learn
    • People who say things without any evidence

    Vishen’s Bucket List:

    • Visit Japan
    • Get my own custom Guitar

    Vishen’s Special Qualities:
    Let’s just say if I wasn’t here most people would be staring at their computers crying when something goes wrong or there would be a computer graveyard outside the building.