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  • The 'Keystones' of Wealth Management


    1. Create Wealth

    Each person is unique. This is something we understand at Keystone Wealth Management and before we advise you, we believe in spending some time to get to know you. We believe owe it to you to understand your plans, your individual values and your aspirations. Creating wealth underpins a lot of this. Finances or capital in itself is meaningless. This is a symbol that means different things to different people. It could mean freedom, security, independence, empowerment, status, relaxation, leisure opportunity and much more.The problem with money is it can easily be become eroded over time by taxation, the rising cost of living and all the unforeseen or unexpected challenges we may need to face in life.

    At Keystone Wealth Management our team will work with you on developing a financial life plan. Your own blueprint that will be unique to you. We believe in working in partnership with you and ensuring that we understand you first, before any advice is given.Our advice will then be based on goals that are meaningful to you, not vague ideas. Life is full of change and therefore Keystone will stay in regular contact and work with you, adapting your plans to your life when needed.

    2. Preserve Wealth

    Preserving wealth is as important as generating it. Keystone Wealth Management will aim to ensure you have the ability to manage change .This can be changes that come about in your own life, or changes in the wider world that can directly impact on you and your plans. It goes without saying that throughout your life your money will inevitably be under siege from change – changes in the economy, tax laws, inflation rates or changes in your own life; marriage, children, your career, etc. Many of these changes can happen simultaneously. When they do they need to be factored into your wealth management planning. At Keystone Wealth Management our advisers can help you navigate though a sea of changes and prepare you better for the highs and lows that we are faced with. Ongoing planning and risk management play a key role in ensuring your plans and goals remain on course – regardless of what life throws at you.

    3. Pass on Wealth

    Passing on your wealth is a deeply private and personal gesture to your loved ones and family. It goes without saying that we would hope that you will enjoy the benefits of both worlds – enjoying your wealth now with the people you love and care for. However it is also important to ensure that your wealth is protected so your loved ones can continue to benefit from your hard work – and not the tax man. Estate planning will make this possible. For this you need expert professional tax and legal advice to keep your wealth together once you have passed on.

    Keystone Wealth Management has the know how to help you with this challenging task. We work closely with specialist tax consultants and solicitors that have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in assisting people plan their estates minimizing tax burdens. As with most financial planning, the earlier you begin this process, the simpler it will be in the long run.

    The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
    Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.
    The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate and Tax Planning.