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  • Income Protection

    There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance [Short-Term Income Protection] and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at www.moneyhelper.org.uk

    Group Income Protection is a straight forward policy. This will offer employees a replacement income should they be absent from work over an elongated period resulting from long term illness of injuries. Selecting the correct policy structure at the right cost can be a complex area as Income Protection can vary greatly. The cost of a Group Policy is certainly more competitive when compared to employees having to take out their own individual policies. What makes this attractive to companies is that the premiums are deemed a tradeable expense for tax purposes, therefore benefitting the employer.

    We have assisted many companies over the years to find optimal and suitable plans, we therefore feel confident that will be able to understand your needs as an employer. Our team will tailor a Group Policy solution which meets your and your employee’s needs. Please be aware in the case where you already have a Group Income Protection in place, these are usually automatically renewed on an annually without questioning the cost or the level of cover.

    Our team at Keystone Wealth Management is able to work with you to find value for money and, if needed, re-broke your Income Protection requirements to improve the level of cover or the costs.
    Our audit is thorough and will examine not only costs involved, but the rate of claim payments, the administration as well as management thereof.


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