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    Building Your Future

    Keystone Wealth Management is a successful and growing advisory business with Advisers across Greater London and a Head Office in Kingston-upon-Thames. We have plans to grow further and have opportunities for Mortgage Advisers, GI Advisers and Financial Planning Consultants.

    Career Opportunities

    At Keystone Wealth Management we are continually looking to expand our team to provide growth, opportunity as well as, add to the overall skill set that our team provides to our customers. Keystone Wealth Management is an energetic, growing company covering the Greater London areas. We are dedicated to supporting the needs of financial services professionals. We understand the dynamics and what it takes to be an Advisor. We also understand the support you need to run and maintain a successful business. We are in business to exploit changes in regulation rather than a business trying to adapt to survive in the face of new regulation – this is a key difference. We believe you can still have a highly professional, business-to-business relationship, without compromising the personal touches such as business and technical support that prevailed in the past. Currently Keystone Wealth Management is undergoing unprecedented levels of growth due to our company philosophy of supporting advisers, both at a motivational as well as a technical level. We will continue to expand – hence why we are searching for professionals like you to join our team on our journey.

    Can you identify with this?

    You’re a successful financial adviser. You own and run your own business, or possibly you are working in an employed environment and do not feel you are being sufficiently financially rewarded for your efforts. Your entrepreneurial skills are not utilised to their full potential and you feel the internet and call centres have their place, but you believe don't substitute quality face-to-face advice. Over the last few years, you’ve watched the financial services world change. Although you recognise many changes are for the better, you have a desire to maintain traditional good customs such as the sales culture and feeling part of something. You’ve experienced organisations you have been associated with in the past, scale down their technical and business development support. You get the feeling many organisations currently only want large businesses with large turnovers – and that smaller businesses like yours are becoming insignificant. You’ve noticed how you spend less time with your clients and a huge amount of time on administration matters and compliance. This is something you desire to change.

    So you have two choices

    1) Suffer in silence or 2) look at joining something created for the new world while maintaining the values that are important to you.

    Curious to find out more?

    You constantly hear the term ‘business-to-business’ banded around cheaply but what should this really mean? “Business-to-business” ought to mean being treated like a valued adult, not being constantly watched, and being allowed to run your business freely as you feel fit. It should mean not having to justify your actions to a higher authority or possibly a sales manager. We summarise this using one word, namely 'trust'. Keystone Wealth Management will give you the freedom to run your own business as you feel best. When you want support, we will be here to give that support to you. In the case where you don’t desire or need support-that is 100% fine as well. We will provide you with all the tools you need to do business successfully and safely. All we ask is you preserve the high standards of professionalism that Keystone Wealth Management insists on. Trust is a two-way relationship. This may all sound great but how does this reveal itself? To start with through Keystone you will have access to Quilter – the new multi-tie proposition formed by some of the leading professionals in our industry. This means you can offer the services and deals that can only be negotiated by an organisation with the scale and financial clout of Intrinsic.

    Our association with Quilter will provide you with

    • A comprehensive life and investment product range from some of the most respected sources in the industry
    • Some of the best mortgage deals to be found nationwide– supported by free mortgage sourcing software
    • Market-leading general insurance
    • An innovative on-line trading platform – ensuring you trade compliantly We will then back this up by providing:
    • Individually tailored contracts which are designed to match your income needs and business goals
    • Full compliance support
    • Free professional indemnity insurance
    • Business development support.

    In fact, we offer you just about everything you need to build a successful and compliant business. In today’s market, it is essential to have a comprehensive and top quality product offer. We have just that! Quilter is the hub through which we transact all our business. The products we offer through Quilter, are among the best and supplied by industry leading product providers and mortgage lenders. To give you the independence you need in the mortgage market we offer a genuine whole-of-market mortgage panel, offering quality and diversity. Whether you are looking for high street lenders, packagers or commercial loans, we can confidently say we have it on offer – if you can’t find what you need from us you will probably battle to find it anywhere.

    Point of Sale

    Quilter’s on-line trading platform, known as Point of Sale, has been designed from to support the multi-tie world. Many other companies’ on-line trading platforms were originally designed for a tied proposition and have been adapted for multi-tie – this has often resulted in legacy issues and compromise. Point of Sale is a fully integrated system that provides you with one route into all our product providers. It is a simple, flexible, portable and fully compliant system. Its fully intuitive fact-find is a pleasure to use, driven by client needs and priorities. It only asks you to collect relevant information. Point of Sale is a fool proof way of doing business. To understand this you may need to experience it first hand with a demonstration – our team is more than happy to show you.

    Are you interested?

    Working with Keystone Wealth Management not only offers you the freedom to build your own financial services business, it also gives you access to a fully electronic point of sale system and some of the best commission rates available in the industry today. You will have confidence that we’re here to help or assist you, backed up by access to all that Intrinsic has to offer. If you can identify with the way we work and are interested in finding out more, then we’re interested in hearing from you- our team is on standby to answer questions. Don't delay and get in touch with us by clicking HERE.