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    Our team at Keystone Independent are on standby to discuss the most suitable types of cover and the correct insurance level for you and your family or loved one's. No one is assured of what circumstances the future may hold, hence it's wise to plan for the unexpected. Eventualities may arise such as illness, death or redundancy – we believe in being prepared and having a good plan in place.


    As parents we want the best for our children. It's instinctive to want them to have a good and secure future ahead. Whether its on our hearts to help our children buy their first car, invest in their first property or to attend college and or university-a careful plan for their future would need to be put into place. Strategy needs to be implemented that makes these goals reachable, without it harming or putting strain on your own financial well-being. In today's world the economy has been uncertain and redundancy has sadly become a common occurrence. Having a contingency plan has become a vital necessity just in case there is a time where you lose your income. Pre and post-redundancy planning can help you and your dependents survive during harder times.


    Protect your family from any financial hardship in the event of long term illness or disability. Planning ahead just in case will prevent stress over making ends meet and having to pay the bills.


    No-one likes to discuss the possibility of themselves passing away. Having a good life insurance coverage in place, however, will protect your family from loss of income.


    Life cover generally seems to be popularly accepted by the majority. According to statistics though, it is, however more likely that you may suffer illness or injury and be unable to work. Provided premiums are maintained, permanent health insurance can provide an income while you are unable to work.


    Should you take out critical illness insurance, it can be arranged that there is either a lump sum payment or monthly payments to you. Please be aware that for this to be in effect, your illness has to be confirmed as one of the listed illnesses for critical illness insurance.


    This type of protection ensures you will be able to cover your basic expenses such as your monthly rental or mortgage payments as well as utility bills.


    This insurance ensures that all short term medical expenses are covered should you require private medical treatment for any curable short term illness.