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  • Is your pension working for you?


    The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

    The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Tax Planning.

    At Keystone our team offers a Pension review service:

    • Do you know if your pension is performing well?

    • Is it reviewed regularly?

    • Are the funds you actively managed?

    • Are you in 'with-profits' funds receiving low (or even no) bonuses currently?

    • Do you have old pension contracts with money languishing in 'closed funds'?

    • Do the funds you are invested in reflect your attitude to risk?

    • Did you know that these changes have increased your retirement planning options? 

    • Pension contract charges have reduced - have you reviewed the costs of your own plan? 

    • Have you made effective use of pension contribution within your tax planning?

    Many pension plans under-perform because they are not given the attention they deserve. The danger is that, if your pension plan is not managed properly, you may not achieve the financial security in the future you were hoping for.

    That is why we are offering all Keystone Wealth Management clients a free face-to-face Pension Performance Review.

    The first step of this review is to take a detailed look at your pension plans. We look into your existing arrangements, your asset allocation, the fund's performance, the level of risk and the costs applied. We also find out about you; your current position, your risk attitude and most importantly; your plans and objectives. 

    This Pension Performance Review offers multiple benefits to investors concerned about the investment climate, and their future.

    We will see if you have potential to:

    • Build a portfolio that reflects your objectives and risk attitude 
    • Lower your pension administration charges 
    • Plan the retirement you want

    Once we have completed this review we feel sure you will be able to make better decisions and enjoy greater peace of mind. You will know what investments you hold and why. You will hopefully feel clearer about your goals and have greater confidence in achieving them.